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Over the past 20 years, the Noloblox team has created deep roots in Silicon Valley, assisting over 1000 companies to find a path to growth.

Operating in the heart of San Francisco, we have extensive experience in capital raising, team building, and coaching early to mid-stage companies with a Silicon Valley mindset enabling them to achieve their goals.

Our expertise spans different industries such as AI, IoT, Clean Tech and Blockchain and we are actively exploring new trends such as sustainability, smart cities and mobility.



We envision a new Silicon Valley in Europe: Portugal. Looking at the economic fundamentals of Portugal, and Lisbon in particular, we see an environment creating success for entrepreneurs and investors. The conditions we saw 20 years ago in Silicon Valley are being replicated now in Lisbon, but with different local advantages including government support, affordable prices, and amazing quality of life (great food, friendly people, sustainable work-life balance and warm weather) that together set the basis for the next generation of innovators, investors and entrepreneurs.



Discover an entrepreneurial environment that has witnessed the creation of many outstanding Unicorns including Farfetch, Outsystems, and Talkdesk. The geographic location of Portugal makes it an extraordinary intersectional gateway between the markets of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and with easy reach to the US Market as well providing Portuguese startups with a unique ability to rapidly scale internationally as soon as they mature.

Multiple existing international VCs including Citi Ventures, 500 startups, and M12 are already investing in Portuguese companies and the Portuguese startup mindset. Moreover, the program Horizon Portugal 2020 provides direct financing to tech startups based on a co-investment and risk-sharing model that is attracting entrepreneurs, investors and innovative corporations to be part of this rapidly developing ecosystem. These investors are committed to not missing out on the next generation AirBnB, Lyft and Slack that are even now starting to find their way in Portugal.


Build your company in the sunniest country of Europe, in a city surrounded by beautiful beaches and wilderness. Create your next idea with the support of a welcoming government, in a country that has some of the best schools in Europe, and which is producing amazing talent. Its multicultural environment, dynamic lifestyle, and creative people, both from Portugal and abroad, will help you launch your next big project.

It is no coincidence that the Web Summit has renewed its organization in Lisbon for the next 10 years and, as Cosgrave said, “Lisbon is a city going through a rebirth, it’s a start-up city, it’s being rebooted”.



with us!

Lisbon Innovation Challenger Unconference

Lisbon, Portugal — 7 days from SEPTEMBER 14TH to SEPTEMBER 21st, 2019*

  • Surf Summit - Learn to surf & network

  • Lisbon Unconference - Participate in a highly engaging interactive unconference workshop model

  • Explorer Challenge - Explore Lisbon in your free time and get to know this amazing European Capital

  • Wine Summit - Dive into the amazing bounty of Portuguese wine

*Program begins September 14th; Suggested Arrival September 13th.


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Summer 2020