About Us


It all started when…

October… San Francisco was feeling a little chilly. Portugal and, moreover, Lisbon were just a twinkle in someone’s eye. Another pitch event. Another day preparing for conversations about how Silicon Valley is the bright shining beacon of entrepreneurship in the world. Another day of reality distortion fields, echo chambers and food delivery startups that only make sense in a place like Silicon Valley.

PWC said that Portugal was a place where people setup call centers. WebSummit said something different. Lisbon invited the world to come and see. Something still new and still shiny and something without the Google bus show down, impossible apartment hunting, crazy rents skyrocketing.

Cascais - so close - just a train ride away with castles… More than one - an art gallery, a hotel, a book shop and a cafe. Carcavelos - a quiet beach with waves crashing. Pizza, laughter, good conversations, surfers tumbling off of beautifully shaped wave barrels.

Belem and that custard tart… The Tower… Sounds of past ships and music; visions of past artists and sculptors emblazoned in stone, on walls, in architecture. LX Factory - noisy, brightly lit, new imagination taking shape. Something happened here and continues to happen.

Portugal woke up. Entrepreneurs looked around. Lisbon welcomed us. A new idea began to shape… What if we could do even more - to unlock the imagination of the next generation of dreamers, doers, builders, makers, and shapers of the future…

NoLoBlox… Something new - a place where you can build anything - where there is no impossibility - where the world can be harnessed and imagination set loose.

We’re waiting for you. Come join us.