Lisbon Innovation Challenger Unconference Registration

Lisbon Innovation Challenger Unconference Registration

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·      Lisbon Innovation Challenger Un-conference

  • Surf Summit - We have to learn to disconnect & find an outlet, learn to predict the next wave using foresight, learn to ride the Ups & downs but keep balance. Surf & Network - Discuss Sustainable Innovations

  • Lisbon Un-conference - Participate in a highly engaging interactive un-conference workshop model

  • Explorer Challenge - Explore Lisbon in your free time and get to know this amazing European Capital

  • Wine Summit - Dive into the amazing bounty of Portuguese wine - Discuss Ag-Tech & its future


  • Corporate Innovators & Corporate VCs

  • Angel & VC Investors

  • Seed Stage + Startups

  • Explorers (current consultant, nomad, possible future founder, who would like to be surrounded by energy and creativity yet where it’s not expensive to live)


  • Funded Startups*: Learn how Lisbon & moreover Portugal can make your startup more successful:

    • You can dramatically extend your financial runway

    • Portugal has scientific, technological, creative and capable talent seeking opportunity that can directly contribute to building up your team

    • It is cheaper, opportunities for matching funds and other incentives make Lisbon/Portugal a great place to build your business

  • Angel & VC Investors: Learn why Lisbon is the new ground zero for Startups:

    • Your startups can extend and increase the value of your investment by doing more in shorter time

    • Lisbon startups start on a world stage at ground zero for WebSummit for the next 10 years

    • Lisbon specifically and Portugal in general are committed to cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs

  • Corporate Innovators & Corporate VCs: See why Lisbon is becoming the hub for European, South American, African, Asian and North American entrepreneurs to meet:

    • Creative space is the new norm for entrepreneurship and Lisbon is the crucible in which the next generation of co-living and co-working is taking place

    • Investors from across the globe are coming to Lisbon for its startup friendly climate for incubation and acceleration

    • European startups at the same stage of funding are further progressed and ready for interaction with corporations

    • Lisbon’s corporate innovation model has been carefully curated and developed to produce the best aligned startups and entrepreneurs-in- residence

  • Explorers*: Jump into an innovation hub where energy & creativity collide providing you the opportunity to live & work in a beautiful, warm, culturally diverse European innovation hub and at incredibly budget conscious prices:

    • Global nomads, free lancers, traveling talents seeking a beautiful and creative landing space for a week, a month, a year or a decade will find an exceptional hub of fellow adventurers who value the ability to explore 5 continents from one jumping off point

    •  Creative space is the new norm for this cosmopolitan and innovative hub of artists, scientists, merchants and builders 

    • Life is beautiful in Lisbon - a land of waves, wine, great food and even greater people welcoming of the world. 

*NOTE: Startups and Explorers, please contact us at directly for special pricing!

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